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How to book a room at www.enggang.com



Order via SMS, SMS to: 0813-50821689, contents:

Name, product, full address

-> Wait for a reply from us for the total cost


B. Regestrasi on the Web


1. Please select the product you want to buy through our website. You can see the detailed information of each product that we offer by pressing the "View."

2. To purchase these products hit the "Add to Cart" or "cart", then

products will be stored in the cart / Your Shopping Cart. You can view the summary of your shopping on the status listed in the "cart" section of our Web Top Right.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for spending other products until you get all the products you need in your cart.

4. To view the details of the products you have entered to cart, press the "Cart" on the trolley to the right above.

5. To process your purchase press the "Process" and follow the next steps according to directions. You need to log in to process the purchase. If you do not already have an account, you need to register by following the instructions. (The registration process only once and after that you can shop whenever you want, without the need to provide address data and other more)

6. After you complete the booking process please you are waiting confirmation from us via email / sms. We'll let the cost of shipping and also re-checking on stock availability.

7. Once you get a confirmation from us via email / sms, please transfer the money worth your goods the following message as confirmation of shipping charges that we provide. Our account number will be informed to you when ordering process occurs, and also will be sent via email automatically.

8. Tell us your payment confirmation via SMS / Email / Contact Us Form or via the History Booking in Your Account.

9. Goods will be sent after you submit a transfer notice.



Our Terms and conditions of use 

Rule 1

We do not sell goods that are protected by law

Rule 2

We strongly maintain customer trust

Rule 3

We strive to always provide the best for the customer


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